How to Order

So, you are ready to make the change, now what? You will need to be fitted by our in house team or at a recognized Avanta Boot Labs dealer. See our dealers list below. 

We frequently travel to competitions and conferences throughout the USA and hold fittings. In order to find out if we will be in your area, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

We believe that our boot fitting method using the STS sock cast system will produce the closest possible match to your foot. In addition, we take measurements of your foot as you sit and stand.

How long is the wait?

Allow 3-4 weeks to complete your custom skates. Please be advised, these are guidelines based upon the monthly volume of orders. At Avanta we recognize major US holidays such as the Christmas/New year season, Easter/Passover, and July 4th.


Boot Life Expectancy

Avanta boot life extends well beyond competitive products and we take pride in the longevity of our skates.  We accomplish this by including important maintenance after 8 months of wear to prolong the life of your boots.


Skating is a dynamic sport. As you skate, your foot's position in the boot will move in different ways to accommodate the various maneuvers you perform. This motion inside the boot may - or may not - require fine-tuning to improve your fit and performance. We are happy to work closely with your local dealer, pro shop, and coach to make the necessary alterations.

As skaters know, our sport has its share of inherent risk, and there is always the possibility for injury. An individual skater’s foot, joint, tendon, and bone morphology, as well as the stress of skating itself, may all contribute to discomfort that may be impossible to remedy.

If foot problems persist after your boots have been heat molded, adjusted, and/or stretched, it may be that a boot cannot be created to meet your particular needs. We therefore recommend that skaters carefully consider the advice of their coach or trainer, in conversation with Avanta’s boot fitting experts, when placing an order for custom boots.